Melted Glass Vase ‘Terrarium’

Melted Art

Stunning melted glass vase ‘Terrarium’

Made by hand in Bali by talented and innovative craftsmen these melted glass vase terrarium or aquariums come in a variety of sizes

Some even big enough for fish

In fact these beautiful vessels are made from coffee wood and recycled glass

They would be perfect for a multitude of purposes

They look incredible when used as terrariums, filled with succulents and small pebbles.

Whilst travelling in Indonesia I stumbled upon a small Family run Artisan craft industry.

The family collect waste glass, mainly from the local bars and restaurants in the area

In fact some of it is simply found washed up onto the beaches, they then recycle the glass into new hand blown vessels.


Budi who is a master carver of wood, had seen his business declining, as tastes were changing.

He came up with an idea for a new product to sell, next to achieve his dream he decided he needed to take up glassblowing.

In fact he gave up his carving and built a homemade furnace, teaching himself the art of glass blowing

However after a bit of trial and error, he came up with his method and designed his own vases.

The use of old glass gives the vases texture and individuality.

In the past the family had collected end of life wood from the coffee plantations to carve.

Even though the wood was no longer required for carving, it was still plentiful and beautiful in its own right.

As a result this wood was the other half of his plan.

Budi had always loved the old Coffee Wood just as it was, knarly and old, with years of character baked in to each piece.

He thought since tastes had changed, maybe he could encourage people to see the beauty that he did, in the natural wood.

He decided to simply clean up the pieces of wood and use them in their natural state.

The end result is the amazing vases that we stock, perfect in many d├ęcor styles and usable for many purposes in many rooms.

Check out this tutorial for making your own Terrarium