Clocks go forward

Clocks go Forward – More time for Fun

Clocks go Forward

Clocks go Forward this Saturday night, (actually on early morning Sunday at 1am) leaving us all more time to have fun outside.  This to me is when Spring has properly arrived.  We all suddenly get more freedom as the evenings get longer.  People often say, I can’t remember which it is, back or forward? Which leads to much confusion come Sunday morning.  Some folks think they run the show at home and unilaterally go around changing the clocks at bedtime, only to discover their partner the following morning, has been tinkering too, whilst waiting for the eggs to boil and the toast to brown.  Oh what confusion!  Good job there is the whole of Sunday when it doesn’t matter to figure it out.

I have a solution.  Clocks that know the time.  The Radio Controlled sort.  These Clocks go Forward into Spring by themselves.  They make a marvelous present for a Granma or Granddad.  So much safer too.  You can avoid the whole finding folks teetering on a stool debacle, with them stuck, wondering which way to go with it, or just stuck!  If you have an older relative or neighbour, you could tell them you will be popping in to help with their clocks; A much simpler process than trying to patch them up after or spending Easter Sunday with them in A and E.

If you and yours are traditional sorts and are still changing the clocks by hand, this handy mantra may help. It is always,

Spring forward – Fall back

 The idea of Daylight saving time came in the First World War.  Was it to save on fuel?  I was reading in The Mirror today that whether it does save anything is unproven but the great energy difference is how much more energy children use when the lighter evenings arrive and they can play outside after school.  A whole 20% more energy is expended when the Clocks go Forward.  Isn’t that just great?  And we grown ups could take a tip too.  Walks and picnics after work.  Organising with family and friends, or joining, a fun outdoor games group.  Can you still hit a ball and get a rounder?  Lets have fun this year.  Play is something we tend to forget as we grow up.  But at any age we still like to have fun and laugh.  Life should never get too serious.  When it does we have lost the balance and are in danger of losing sight of what is important and makes us complete and happy.   Will you be going out to play a bit more this year?bench new Clocks go Forward

At Natural East we are always looking for new things that raise the spirit and bring joy and happiness.  We love colour and beauty, we love things Natural and Artisan made.   This time of year, you may like us have been looking at your gardens, bursting into bloom after the long winter and be wondering how to enjoy your outside spaces more?  If you fancy a trip out, to our Warehouse at Lenwade you will see all sorts of delightful and surprising features for the garden.  And take note, over the Easter holidays, we are open both Good Friday and Saturday.

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