Beautiful Bamboo

Bamboo is a sustainable crop that has very little impact on the environment when grown and harvested. It is a bit of a ‘wonder crop’ as it has so many uses, for example at Natural East we have several things made from bamboo; the newest being bowls – but we….Read More »

Sterling Silver Jewellery – On Special Offer

Sterling Silver Jewellery Throughout the month of May, all our hand crafted Sterling Silver Jewellery will have 10% off. This includes all Sterling Silver Chains, earrings, rings, etc. Come and see our jewellery range at our People Tree – Natural East shops in Norwich, Wells and Holt. Don’t forget our….Read More »

Melted Glass Vases

Melted Glass Terrariums and Vases

Melted Glass Terrariums and Vases To introduce our beautiful Melted Glass Terrariums and Vases. These Melted Glass terrariums and vases come in sizes from, small to really quite big feature items.  They are all individual and hand made.  They make a lovely thoughtful gift or as something different to choose for….Read More »


Stone of the Month – Turquoise

Stone of the Month Turquoise Turquoise; Meaning Turkish.  This beautiful Gemstone was known as the Turkish Stone.  Deliciously exotic, expensive rare.  It came to us through Turkey.  A stone for show. But don’t be fooled, this most ancient of stones is more than just a bit of Historical Bling. Composed….Read More »