Persona Products

Persona Products 25% Off

Persona Products 25% Off Here at Natural East our traditional Persona Products have 25% Off the entire range. We have a complete bedroom range available in natural teak and a shabby chic white wash design. Also available in this. Table and chairs, bookcase, cupboard, chest, dressing table, desk and much more…..Read More »

Beautiful Bamboo

Bamboo is a sustainable crop that has very little impact on the environment when grown and harvested. It is a bit of a ‘wonder crop’ as it has so many uses, for example at Natural East we have several things made from bamboo; the newest being bowls – but we….Read More »

Melted Glass Vases

Melted Glass Terrariums and Vases

Melted Glass Terrariums and Vases To introduce our beautiful Melted Glass Terrariums and Vases. These Melted Glass terrariums and vases come in sizes from, small to really quite big feature items.  They are all individual and hand made.  They make a lovely thoughtful gift or as something different to choose for….Read More »

Cup Cakes

Planning a Mother’s Day Special Treat?

  Mother’s Day Treats All over the Land, furtive conversations are happening. Whispering behind, or into, our mobile phones. The glue and scissors accidentally left lying around, are evidence of something bigger brewing. I think you know what I mean? Some folks have already started dusting off their Margarette Patterns,….Read More »

Rhubarb Crumble

What’s in Season? Rhubarb Crumble

What’s in Season? Rhubarb Crumble The first, bright, new pink sticks of Rhubarb have just hit the shops. They have been growing secretly out of sight. By candle-light they are picked. The sticks are growing so fast now, it is said, if you listen carefully, you can hear them as….Read More »