musical instruments

All the musical instruments from around the world…

People Tree Shops and Natural East On-line have a wide range of musical instruments that are suitable for children and beginners alike, to enjoy learning and making music…

We offer a range of Djembe Drums to beat, a variety of Maracas to shake, as well as Rain-sticks and other hand percussion instruments, like wooden tambourines, ocean drum, clacker and egg shakers.

We have simple Balloon Horns and Trumpets, Duck Callers, Loony Toon Whistles, Bamboo Flutes and Pipes for children to make a noise with as well as a range of Didgeridoos with Instructions; (including a Spiral Didge) ideal for beginners or those who know how to circular breath and want to make some great vibrations.

We also stock wood croakers, thumb pianos and angklung instruments that are also great for children to learn to make rhythms and keep to the beat.

So for those that run playgroups or after school clubs, this could be an inexpensive way of creating a mini orchestra for you children’s group!!!

You can find all our musical instruments in our shops and on-line here or on EBay too

Happy ‘NOiZE & MUSIC’ making from all us here at the People Tree